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Private Investigators by Eruantien-Fett Private Investigators by Eruantien-Fett
This was originally a piece of art drawn by a very skilled artist on dA, FalconFan ([link]). It was drawn at the request of Nathan Cranor ([link]), and involves a Duros and Corellian. See the full description of the original here ([link]).

Used by putting an overlay layer on the picture and adding colors controlled with the marquee tool. The exact shading took a while, I spent a lot of time getting the colors exactly how I and FalconFan wanted them. Because of the overlay, though, I couldn't get them just right...they came out black and white, not a good look when added to the rest of the picture.
FalconFan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007
I heard back from ~The_Face~ at TF.N--he wanted me to pass this along to you:

"I really like it! Itís still maintains moodiness and ďnoirĒ flavor, especially in Remyís wardrobe. Always pictured Remy as having brown hair [Falcon sez: My bad--I thought it was supposed to be blonde...sorry!], but this works well. Javís vest is wonderfully hideous. Heíd be happy to know his headís so shiny (itís a quirky point of pride for him thatís become a running joke). The flame paint pops off the Headhunter nicely. Excellent work adding color to a great original!


Nathan ("Face:)"

So yet another "well done!" Sorry about the mixup with the hair color--I guess we never went into it much--my bad! ;) Thanks again!

FalconFan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007

Oh, that looks great!! I have to let the author know, so he can drop over here to check it out! Fabulous job with Remy (which required most of the "rework" on the colors, I know!), and Jav's "awful orange vest" really is awful (in other words, perfect! ;) )! Great job with this, ~Fett! :clap: Thanks so much! :D :hug:

Mafer Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2007  Professional
wow 0.0 so cool
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March 10, 2007
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